March 16, 2008

Parsimonious Pland on Capitol Hill

Deserted by Lim for the weekend, this is the poetically incorrect result...let's hope the kitty cat comes back soon before the bad poetry muse moves in for good:

When Parsimonious came to town
the politicians gathered round
they'd never heard a meaner sound
than Parsimonious Pland

For as old Parsy took his place
no smile of greed lit up his face
you could not find a single trace
on Parsimonious Pland

Then Parsimonious wrote a bill
no politician gained a thrill
for earmarks slunk from Capitol Hill
as Parsimonious Pland

With White House now a dingey gray
deceitful politicians may
then rue the night and curse the day
of Parsimonious Pland

For should there be an honest man
who holds our honor in his hand
a stalwart soul at our command
like Parsimonious Pland

We'll send him on to DC town
though London Bridge be falling down
no papal ring nor queenish crown
will game the common man

When history has come and gone
no wastrel politician's song
will hynotize the hoodwinked throng
said Parsimonious Pland

And when their legacies are writ
the spendthrifts of DC are fit
to be remembered not a bit
smiles Parsimonious Pland

If only this were more than verse
you know the US could do worse
than find a rep who would rehearse
like Parsimonious Pland.

jc 3.16.08

~note~ click post title for a little Political Astrology including the chart for the Iraq War's Solar Return 2008, published today.

The war's 5th anniversary is Wednesday, March 19, and a Solar Return chart is set for the moment the Sun returns to its original degree thereby indicating the flavor for the upcoming year by aspects, house placements, and such.

Chart details are written in English btw, so if you don't speak Astrologese, not to fret.

photo: Libby Kitty awaits din din...