February 12, 2008

Cat votes for McCain

Lim, Princess Grace (whom you spy here skulking about in a secret box), and I patiently await the return of our bard and muse, Mr.A.Cat, whose overseas mission seems to be taking an excruciatingly long time.

The candle glows nightly in the window, Mr.A., if you should read this!

That's why we were elated this afternoon to receive a tattered postcard with postmark obscured from the bard himself who is apparently keeping up with the endless US prez campaign from afar (oh that we could escape its 24-hourliness ourselves.) Mr.A. sends this:

Your cat has to vote for McCain
a pitiful groaning campaign
you won't find a trace
of Obama's grace
just kittens left out in the rain.


(Well, no one likes bedraggled, rain-drenched kittens. At least no one I know! Too much like waterboarding, imho.--jc)