January 28, 2008

SOTU Boo Hoo 1.28.08

Here's Princess Grace arriving to watch Bush's final (we pray) SOTU address tonight at 9:00 pm est.

Mr.A.Cat, our chief limerick writer, is still overseas on a secret mission, so Lim, Libby Kitty, and I are privileged to be graced by the presence of the lovely Princess Grace. The wadded up paper you see is the limerick below which she was a bit shy about revealing, but I've persuaded her to allow me to publish it in honor of tonight's long-awaited , please God let it be final, State of the Union address before a joint session of Congress:

You read the political wag
economy's starting to sag
it's no news to you
in Bush's SOTU
he'll find lots of reasons to nag.

-Princess Grace, her majesty

(I must agree, Gracie, since overexpensive, overextended wars aren't a financial problem in Bush's exalted pie-in-the-sky world! -jc)

You may wish to read my political astrology post on tonight's SOTU address with the chart for 9:00 pm est and its details included. Arachne, Demeter, and Nemesis will be attendance,too.