January 20, 2008

Rhyme for America's Common Man

Franc the Cat dropped by today to kindly encourage me to publish a rhyme written in the continued absence of Mr.A.Cat, our regular bard and political muse. Sheesh! I wish Mr.A. would return to regale us--and if you read the following, you may find yourself wishing it as well!

Yet it is excruciatingly penned on behalf of America...my only nag in the race (and Lim's and Franc's, too):

With the cards all stacked against us for the People's Will is null
and the mouthpiece in our White House loves the Bone upon the Skull
what's a nation of the common man to do in times like these
but petition to our Saviour as we fall down on our knees?

You may ridicule the Bible at your peril so proceed
but you surely know that power fights against our very need
to remain a free society with privacy and rights
as elites promote the hourglass that beggars us our plights.

Yet no one can gain the White House by uplifting ill and poor
they must follow global scripting Snidely Whiplash at the door
home foreclosures on the rise as politicians cool their heels
by their pools of glib indifference they've forgotten how loss feels.

Crying change and hope and special interests have the upper hand
yet the Resident of Washington remains at their command
just a figurehead and puppet nothing changes all is well
send my tax rebate to Visa for I live in credit hell.

Paltry band-aids for the dollar which they wanted to go down
while they raided funds for social nets with arrogance profound
we could chalk it up to politics as usual and greed
with its hatreds always organized to favor lucre's creed.

Yet we know someday the Truth will out and all will be revealed
and the darkness shall be lifted while the cheaters' fates are sealed
will the White House show its dinginess its former splendors past?
Best to shun the halls of power, friend, earth's mighty finish last.

by jude cowell 1.20.08
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