January 8, 2008

Ganda Propping: a poem

There's a spycat hidden in this photo somewhere! Meanwhile, after listening to copious campaign speechifying a la 2008, Lim and I have cobbled together a poorly-constructed yet earnest political poem for you today:

Prop your ganda every day
never mind what people say
they don't like it that's too bad
common good was just a fad

Elite values for the few
what would Adam Weishaupt do?
USA plutocracy
undermines society

Pen a rhyme describe frustration
farewell to our sovereign nation
corporatism welfare state
everyone participate

Speeches for the unwashed masses
sell them lies and kick their asses
Washington and New York City
London Cairo lookin' pretty

Hoarding money grasping power
Richard Cheney's finest hour
Wall Street just a ponzi scheming
think you're winning must be dreaming

Laws all slanted toward the rich
fairness run into a ditch
taking back is what must be
fight again for Liberty.

Lim and jc 1.8.08

Notes on Adam Weishaupt's Illuminati here.
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