December 23, 2007

Prez Debates and Dec 23's Full Moon in Cancer

Ready for tonight's Full Moon in Cancer with Mars? Here are some details both astronomically and astrologically at Stars Over Washington which contains a link to my previous post on Dec 23's Full Moon along with the chart for it...exact over the White House at 8:15 pm est, and on the Cancer-Capricorn axis--aka the Security Axis.

Tonight's Full Moon is the last of 2007 and promises to be quite a show with close-to-earth Mars joining in. The join-up doesn't comfort this reluctant astrologer, but it will be a pretty sight, I'm sure, so get your peepers on after sunset.

Follow the link above and you'll also find an UPDATE on the recent Ursid meteor shower plus, info on the current fly-by of Comet Tuttle, which hasn't visited our solar system since the Reagan administration.

So are you stumped as to why our presidential campaigns call their presentations "debates" when they're clearly not? Here's a just-written limerick which may have an idea why:

Without real debate no rebuttal
a fly-by like old Comet Tuttle
the candidate's image
not good for much scrimmage
is fraught with illusions so subtle.

jc 12.23.07

Is the "Old Gipper" returning with Comet Tuttle? Mitt Romney would like us to think so!
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