December 22, 2007

Ode to Cheney

How I wish Mr.A.Cat would return to write his limericks, yet we wish him well as his secret mission grinds on in foreign lands we know not where. Pictured here is Miz Cybil who isn't feeling very well these days, old kitty girl.

And so, without Mr.A. about the place, the muse of political rhymery has heavily lighted upon my own shoulder and for that I do apologize for this...Ode to Cheney:

We do not like you not at all
and wish you'd go away
we do not like the things you do
and can't trust what you say.

Your finger on the button when
the Towers were collapsed
you're not the guy to go ahunting
sharing Coors or Pabst.

Too good a shot at friend or foe
your one percent ideas
make US ideals groan amid
your touted mushroom fears.

A warhawk in your heart of hearts
a family man say you
while justifying dropping bombs
on those with families too.

We do not like you not at all
you grasp beyond your reach
America rejects you and
by rights she should Impeach.
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