December 11, 2007

meltdown rhymes of a spycat

Rumors you've heard are true--Mr.A.Cat, formerly an agent in service to our nation, has gone dark. Even his friend and former colleague, Lim, whose name graces this blog, doesn't know the whereabouts of the mysterious Mr.A.--or if he does, he ain't meowin' about it.

That's okay because Lim has begun scratching rhymery into a litter box of his own, one of which debuts here today concerning the housing market meltdown which will be getting worse before it gets better--and Lim seems in a bit of a snit about it!

Your baby said buy me a house
a bargain of cat-with-a-mouse
when troubles set in
your hopes you will pin
on plutocrat President Louse.


Doesn't sound like such a good idea when you meow it that way, Lim. -jc

photo: Detente! Libby Kitty meets V for the first time--then scats away!
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