December 2, 2007

Lim's election-selection poem

As you've heard, Vladimir Putin's party has 'won' the Russian elections and Lim has taken pen-in-paw to scratch out a ditty from a kitty!

Rah Rah Rah! Vlad's won again
president since way back when
'99 to oh-oh-seven
over there in commie heaven

Democratic? not so much
for he has that despot touch
cheating isn't winning still
handy while you raid the till

Russian voters like his style
he'll be 'round for quite a while
George and Vladdie once together
soulful eyes and warmer weather

Now it's ice and snow descending
rulers' reigns are never-ending
just in Russia fraud you see?
watch out for democracy.


Good advice, Lim! It's to be seen in Nov 2008 how "irregular" our own election-selection turns out to be. Rove's at work on it now...jc

Image of Topaz looking studious: compliments of my favorite photo snapper, Maya.
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