November 17, 2007

Political Pig Reveals True Identity

When Porkius Piggus was a lad
he wanted all he hadn't had
he changed his name to Porkius Pig
and ran for office dreams so big.

While running rackets he was made
Pig liked to make love in the shade
and sleep on satin pillowcase
a sniveling smirk upon his face.

He bossed 'em up he bossed 'em down
Pig ruled old Washingtonian Town
his minions spread like flying monks
while Pig kicked back with Wagnall's Funks.

Most Famous Pig of World Renown
he ate the finest slop in town
a posse went where Pig did go
protecting swine flesh doncha know.

The Earth! can shhhake at his command
The Button! quivers in his hand.
Pig's filthy ways deserve a bath
won't SOMEone stop this psychopath?

penned by jude cowell, dissenting American 11.14.07 (no apologies to be garnered here...move along...)
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