November 9, 2007

New World Order Lament

Warning: this is not a limerick but a lament...

Troubles often self-created
voted Bush but now he's hated
part and parcel of a game
recent presidents the same

USA you've gone so sour
oil and gas and poppy power
never meant to be this way

Carter Reagan Bush and Clinton
criminal is what I'm hintin'
Rummy Powell Rice and Tenet
throw in Congress and the Senate

We the People by the People
for the People now are sheeple
USA with dragon roar
Pentagon and lies to war

Freedom relic of the past
bio-terrored bombed and gassed
you may think I overstate
if so then it's way too late

Constitution Bill of Rights
last to leave please douse the lights
Liberty her torch upraised
once admired honored praised

like a statue of Hussein
toppled from her former reign
power grids are falling down
infrastructure of the town

Oil has peaked but never mind you
just go shopping love will find you
spying software steals our names
weakened dollar down in flames

EU is the place now wanted
Founding Fathers disappointed
New World's Dream with gun and mortar
nightmare of the New World Order.

--jcowell 11.9.07

(And no, I didn't vote Bush either time. I may write really really bad poetry, but I knew better than to do that. Oil man in the White House--puh!)
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