November 23, 2007

Mr.A.Cat: 10 Meows for new Cosmic Art Cube!

Mr.A.Cat told Lim to tell me that he likes my new Art display bwo's '8mm film' style for images and such.

Select Style to decide how you want your images displayed, all swirly-like, as a fancy SlideShow, or whatever. It's fun and since my images get spirited far far away by pilferers (sp?), it may as well be interactive.

Slide's revolving cube--what I find myself calling a Cosmic Art Cube--is able to be twirled or spun about by your browser, if you're dexterous and if your browser has been updated this century.

Decided I may not add music from here on because it slows loading with dial-up (all that's available in some regions, y;know.)

An artist on dial-up is like an artist denied. Denial is an attribute of Vesta, and restrictive Saturn's province, of course.
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