November 2, 2007

Kittens from Turkey

Once more it's a Cat in a Very Green Chair in honor of the elusive Mr.A.Cat who is still on a mysterious mission in the hinter regions of the yonder lands.

It's doubtful there's a cushy chair in which a kitty may curl up wherever he may be!

Yet Mr.A. has managed to contact Lim early this morning with a new limerick just for you:

We fret for the kittens from Turkey
whose progress is really quite jerky
when Rice comes around
no peace can be found
with politics strong-armed and murky.

Mr.A.Cat, Esq.

It's good to hear from Mr.A. again! And perhaps one of Chef Lim's marvelous fishy dinners will be on the hob for me tonight...yummy! -jc, your typist

Cat in a Very Green Chair (c) 2007 jude cowell from Secret Moon Art
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