November 10, 2007

the Army copters of winter

Don't drive the new Army helicopters on a hot day or you'll be sans controls and I wrote a measley rhyme for while you're twiddling your thumbs waiting for rescue:

Army copters sure are hot
and you know they cost a lot
wasted billions on a fleet
cockpit temps will overheat

Europeans made the thing
billions buy a lot of bling
snag one for yourself and then
going up comes down again.

jcowell (c) 2007

So basically, these contraptions look like helicopters, but since they can't fly, technically they are not helicopters...right? Models of helicopters? Approximations perhaps? Can we return for a full refund?

Mars will station Rx on Nov 15 at 12Can27, conjunct US' (and Bush's) natal Sun...the Sun represents 'the leader' in a national chart; Mars Rx--and very testy in Cancer (sign of home, domestic scene, nurturing and security concerns) is busy reacting, replaying, and lots of re- words...frustration through delayed actions, projects stall. Hey, maybe that's a good thing.
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