October 26, 2007

Our Ne'er-Do-Well Son

Our ne'er-do-well son likes to play president
he can't tell us where all the billions have went
but corporate scams he doth like to promote
America burned while he petted a goat.

He sounds like a ninny when going off-script
for living with peasants he isn't equipped
some day he'll retire under Paraguay's Moon
don't know about you but it can't come too soon.

Give a round of applause for advancing the plan
while a boot-scootin' legacy tells of a man
like Octopus tentacles wrapped round and round
we'll never escape as the hammer comes down.

From debts to a mortgage with usury rate
enslavement and penury everyone's fate
our ne'er-do-well son is the cream of the crop
don't say you weren't warned as the stock markets drop.

But he'll meet his Maker just like me and you
while bearing false witness and genocide, too
a rich man on earth but a fool in the sky
the truth will win out in the sweet bye'n'bye.

--perpetrated by jude cowell (c) Ne'er-Do-Well Son 2007

Explanation: sometimes bad poetry must bubble out...but written with the knowledge that we each have a true condition before God to prepare for...and Bush seems to think he's well-prepared for that eventuality...imagine!
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