October 13, 2007

Brassiere-wearing Cat!

Political Cats Take a Holiday at Lim's Limericks...

and so I take pen-in-paw to write a lamentable limerick of my own since this photo turned up of Victoria, a cat in sexy bra who's celebrating the fact that the brassiere turns 100 years old--no signs of sagging (has photos, including Britney Spears' recent ill-fated comeback performance bra of blackness and Janet Jackson's 2004 flashy bra-ripping outfit of "malfunction" fame!)

From 1907 to 2007, it's lace, satin, or cotton for felines of all shapes and sizes!

A cat started wearing brassieres
to stave off her gravity fears
one hundred years past
they said it won't last
but bras still get whistles and cheers.

(c) by jude cowell (only the typist) 10.13.07

Have you whistled at a brassiere lately? Well here's an image of one for you drawn by yours truly--but it may be of limited whistle-inspiring ability, you tell me:

Blue Bra of Happiness by jude cowell.
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