August 2, 2007

a shy little kitten named Rove

Raw Story has the word and the video of Jon Stewart's take on the Rove-Leahy stalemate and you may wish to read Mr.A.Cat's ditty on Rove's defiance of Congress' subpoena:

A shy little kitten named Rove
protecting a vast treasure trove
of telling details
and damning emails
about all the webs that he wove.

He's fond of a terror alert
and politics full of the dirt
he poisons our milk
like all of his ilk
elections he likes to pervert.

So what's up for 2008?
This cat has a lot on his plate
in Washington town
if up becomes down
his power may soon dissipate.


You give me pause for paws, Mr.A., thanks! -jc
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