July 15, 2007

Ode to the Cat of Bastille

Mr.A.Cat is on a diet and feeling in sync with La France today as he penned this ditty:

We cheer for the cat of Bastille
who raced in his automobile
no prison could hold him
in spite what they told him
the wind in his fur he would feel.

In Paris he partied so late
with piles of pate on his plate
the champaigne did flow
and next thing you know
his appetite started to sate.

So now Bastille Cat's on a diet
don't knock it just haul off and try it
a vegetable dish
tastes great with some fish
but bake it and don't ever fry it.

A tip from the cat of Bastille
his recipe he will reveal
some rice cakes flambe
with seaweed frappe
and Dreamyfish make a good meal!


Sounds yummy Mr.A.!! -jc (your pudgy typist)
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