July 1, 2007

A Muscovite Kitten in Maine

As Vladimir Putin and George Bush were throwing down at the Bush family compound by the sea in Kennebunckport, Maine, Mr.A.Cat was phoning in this fur-ruffler which I am just now publishing:

A Muscovite Kitten in Maine
can water the shrub once again
his critics are shot
or given a lot
of poison to snuff their refrain.

The eye-gazing cats caught a fish
to bake up a dee-licious dish
of fascism stew
it's waiting for you
all bitter and hot as you wish.

Their meeting will gets lots of spin
depends on the cycle you're in
have Google retrieve it
but you won't believe it
when Putin and Bush start to grin.

So what can we do with the boys
who make all that bolshevik noise?
let's get them together
with tar and with feather
and take away all of their toys.

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