July 6, 2007

A Kitten Went to Washington

Here's Princess Grace from Babyfied! hiding in plain sight. Does the TV screen distract you from her secret hidey hole?

And yet your fortune, Dear Lone Reader, has just made a turn for the worse because Mr.A.Cat has phoned in an ill-humored, groanworthy rhyme. I do declare: aren't cats irrepressible?!!

A kitten went to Washington it's not so much a stretch
determined so to make his mark the litter box to etch.

But soon the riches of the town were beckoning his name
his former snarl has now grown weak he's mesmerized by fame.

So mamas when your kits grow up ferocious in their roar
don't let them go to Washington it's bribes behind the door.


(Well, I'd have to agree with you there, Mr.A.!-jc)
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