June 3, 2007

Yikey! it's Reiki, says Mr.A.Cat

A baby Sir Wyles-in-a-bowl is totally relaxed in this photo as you see. But Mr.A.Cat has just flown back from Boston where he discovered the benefits of Reiki therapy with Joanna Scaparotti's Urban Vitality.

Everyone knows that the spycat business is simply full of stress and Mr.A. can certainly use the balance and calm of Reiki treatments whenever he's in the Boston area.

Of course I had no idea Mr.A. was ever in the Boston area with my not being privy to his secret missions and behind-the-scenes shenanigans. But thanks to Lim, I'm glad to hear he's getting relief from his stress for our nation will surely reap the rewards down the road.

Perhaps now Mr.A. will soon be sending a new rhyme or two our way, Lim says. Yippee and yikey!

Hey--those might be two good names for a pair of cats...but so is Reiki--or is it pronounced Ray'kee?
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