June 8, 2007

the Lute-playing kitten...and the G-8 2!

Hope all you cats'n'kitties are about to have a fine weekend! It's Friday and Mr.A.Cat has sent a new rhyme by special messenger concerning the Bush-appointed "war czar" Douglas Lute who testified on Capitol Hill this week:

A kitten is playing a Lute
all dressed in a uniform suit
we listen in wonder
the spell that he's under
is making America moot.

So desperate to keep up the ruse
an offer no shill can refuse
political scrimmage
is all about image
promoting the Straussian muse.


If you're interested in reading about the neoconservative muse himself check out Leo Strauss Sep 20, 1899 at Stars Over Washington.

Source Watch has info on America's new war czar who is now the president's "pointman" to save time for the head honcho's world domination plans which bubble and simmer on the globalists' front burner. It's been said that Lute is a war czar who is "fated to be powerless"!

You must've heard: Bush queasy at G-8 Summit which will give comics everywhere a lot of material comparing it to Bush Sr's vomit-faint episode in Tokyo in January, 1992.

Uh oh! This gives Mr.A. something to meow about:

A cat had a morning so queasy
it made all his comrades uneasy
he stayed snug abed
the rest of 'em said
this Summit may turn out quite breezy!

It wasn't the sushi or tea
we've no idea what it could be
a spy and a plotter
could poison the water
why George? is a strange mystery.

Mr.A.Cat, with compliments
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