June 14, 2007

kitten from Miers, feline named Taylor

With the stand-off at the OK White House, Mr.A.Cat has phoned in these verses from somewhere on the continent:

Lamenting the kitten from Miers
attorney for Washington liars
her boss says no go
you'll tell what you know
concerning my hires and fires.

And then there's a feline named Taylor
the White House is trying to veil her
if she testifies
the fuzz and fur flies
just hope that her poise doesn't fail her.


Guess Albanian crime victim, George Bush (who had his fancy watch stolen while shaking hands and greasing palms in Albania--but--doh!--says he didn't!) will hang on to those PurgeGate emails which now have been located but the White House is balking about turning them over to Congress...and with Mercury, planet of communications, going retrograde Friday (June 15) the emails need releasing TODAY or Bush will keep hanging on to them as long as possible...at least until after Mercury goes direct on July 9! -jc
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