June 4, 2007

Bossy Kitten's Lament

A kitten is thumping his chest
my leadership's always the best
you let me take over
now I live in clover
commander-in-chief per request.

Another attack could delay
elections so here I will stay
my mileage is low
the next thing you know
a dictatorship's on the way.

Some people call me bolshevik
which makes most Americans sick
yet year after year
haranguing with fear
I built my regime brick by brick.

I roar like a dragon with fire
control is my only desire
to make secret plans
won't win many fans
your servitude's what I require.

They say that I'm way out of touch
encumbered with ego and such
you may have good reason
to try me for treason
but I'll never loosen my clutch.

A Leonine king I would be
they'll name lots of streets after me
but I'll be a quaker
when meeting my Maker
for I've caused such mass misery.


(Well, Mr.A. certainly is back from Boston!)

And on a lighter note:

In honor of all our 40th anniversaries of this'n'that from the 60s which are currently being remarked upon, have you seen Jude's Threshold where you'll find an entry concerning the Beatles concert of August 1965 and the Mystic Rectangle formed overhead?

Of course, I didn't know there was a Mystic anything over my noggin--I was there for the brilliant music but the Taurus Moon, Saturn in Pisces, Neptune in sexy Scorpio, and the Uranus/Pluto near-conjunction in Virgo were in an unusual pattern in the sky--which is pretty much where all the chords and lyrics went after bouncing around the Stadium...

-jc, Mr.A.'s typist and 60s Beatles fan
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