May 1, 2007

spry kitten and a President Cat

A departure for Lim's Limericks--a puppy pic instead of a kitty pic--what's the world coming to? Dogs and cats lying down together?

This varmint is holding a certain puppy hostage kind of like the war funding bill the Dems sent over to the White House today...but who's holding whom in Washington? If anyone, that is.

We'll see if this "stand-off" aka a "stalemate" between the White House and Capitol Hill amounts to anything practical in the end-the-war department...or is it just theater, dahling? After all, Jupiter (R Party) and Saturn (D Party) are lining up for a perfect trine--exact in a few days--which indicates the Rs and Ds working together for shared purposes. Uh-huh. Let's see some real action to end the obscene misadventure, shall we?

I've barked for years now that the Ds are in the warmongering boat along with many chickenhawks including the GOP, the Federalists, and the American "Enterprise" Institute, a think tank chocked full of warmongerers...and if you need any that's where you can find you some.

Oh well. None of this changes the fact that Mr.A. has phoned in not one but TWO lims concerning the day's supposed R vs D tiff...and I, as typist, am about to post them for you now with many misgivings intact--first, Spry Kitten, then A President Cat:

A kitten was acting so spry
the adverse he liked to deny
when people would crit
he'd have none of it
don't mess with his pie-in-the-sky.

The war is a hit with his crew
they don't care a thing what we do
to veto the bill
will give him a thrill
on Blueberry Capitol Hill.



A President Cat took a nappy
invaded Iraq feelin' scrappy
he stinks like a skunk
from Tenet's slam dunk
and now his excuses seem sappy.

This President Cat's on the mappy
to global us up like his pappy
who joined with Carlyle
then grinned a big smile
to see the US turning crappy.

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