May 4, 2007

A Kitten on the Sly

So it's happened once again--Lim has taken up the tussle and invented a limerick of his own in honor of tonight's 20/20 on ABC and its promised 'unmasking'...and he seems to be expecting some naughty info--for where sex and politics meet, there you'll find good food and good now we have a semi-vicious Cat Limerick Fight betwixt Lim and Mr.A.Cat with YOU, dear reader, uncomfortably in the middle.

First, let's groan through Lim's lim, then Mr.A. may take his stand:

A Kitten on the Sly

A kitten was caught on the sly
his paw with a cookie oh my
when secrets are sold
they're worth more than gold
in Washington they'll just deny.

A man is unmasked on TV
a client of Madam Palfrey
'twas nothing amiss
not even a kiss
let's ask him I'm sure he'll agree.

Our cookies are only for greeting
not smooching nor loving nor eating
a chocolate oatmeal?
whatever you feel
your fantasies we'll be repeating.

The bakery is closed now for good
you had to know one day it would
for all things must end
our shock'n'awe friend
will crumble like cookies all should.

Lim the Cat

Mr.A.'s lim is short yet not especially sweet:


Dear kitten by name of Tobias
we'd like you to call up and try us
your neck is what's stiff
but later a tiff
will cause you to want to deny us.


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