May 8, 2007

kitten from UMP

Just returned from France, where riots have erupted after Nicolas Sarkozy's presidential victory, Mr.A.Cat has written a small ditty concerning the nest of UMP Party conservatives.

This rhyme won't help matters, it is to be feared, for cars are again being set ablaze as in 2005's riots, and store windows are being smashed to smithereens.

Hundreds of people have been arrested and the UMP's proposed reforms--and perhaps Sarkozy's professed admiration for George Bush--are resulting in violence amongst the people who need trouble the least: Sarkozy Win Sets Off France Riots but still, Mr.A. has his limericking to do and must not be prevented...

Elected! a kitten from UMP
who promised the moon on the stump
you'll really annoy us
if you don't employ us
then we'll kick you out on your rump.


photo of a contorted spycat--what these patriots must do just to hide in plain sight!

image cred: Maya Papaya at Babyfied
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