May 4, 2007

A kitten from Old Tally Ho

Oh dearie me! There is reason to believe that Mr.A.Cat has phoned in a new limerick based on his first-paw knowledge of a certain royal visit and is now demanding an airing of his sassy views for he is not, he reminds Lim, anyone's 'subject' and wishes to be known as an American breed:

A kitten from old Tally Ho
said off to the Derby we go
a dinner of State
that may be too late
to save George's bacon I know.

I'll mentor his nibs back in line
his wildest of manners refine
my proud Union Jack
can't cover his back
he acts like an old porcupine.

As scandals envelope the land
it's tough for a leader to stand
want sex or massage?
in war it's triage
your wishes may be my command.

Since brash kittens mishandle war
and can't find the knob on the door
my distant relation
destroying his nation
his manners are what I deplore.

We Leonine monarchs must stick
our to-its in thin and in thick
if they see us flinch
a mile or an inch
they'll call on the Hague to convict.

Yet soon I'll scat back to UK
then George a new tune he will play
though influence wanes
yet power retains
its high-handed elitist sway.


Image: Sir Wylie of Wyles Earl of Ashencoat who's in his own royal snit due to this daft topiary haircut...perhaps a large pink hat would improve your look, Sir Wyles!

Photo by Maya H. at Babyfied...thanks, Maya.

UPDATE 4:07 pm: if possible, do check out Stars Over Washington where you'll find Queen Elizabeth and Cousin George partay! with my astrological comments on the Queen's royal visit to America.
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