May 18, 2007

Edinbugh Kitten

Here you see Libby Kitty, aka L-Kitty, looking expectant of something good, as you can see. Sweet Kitty!

Meanwhile Mr.A.Cat has phoned in a belated lim or two with very little encouragement from yours truly and so I must post it here if I want any din din at all from Chef Lim and his magic cookery, and tonight it's my fave...Pearl Biscuits with Butter you blame me for being so easily bought and sold?

An Edinburgh kitten came by
to sample Churchillian Pie
another G-8
will set matters straight
he'll be on his own in July.

It's funny the worst men around
are welcomed in Washington town
the White House says Hi
come share in the pie
I bake and you swallow it down.

Admiring each other we must
with poll numbers down in the dust
the fool and the jester
a hapless investor
if not us then whom can you trust?


Whom, Mr.A? Impressive for a kitty cat! Then there's a second ill-humored verse from this morning's mysterious email, yahoo address untraced, lim untitled:

A kitten stopped by the World Bank
he had several tellers to thank
you rid us of Paul
the king of 'em all
an ass if I may be quite frank.

He wanted to bomb in the East
unleashing America's beast
but did so much harm
the King of Alarm
we won't miss him not in the least.


(My assumption is that Mr.A's King of Alarm reference is to the Solar Eclipse of August 11, 1999 to which Nostradamus referred centuries ago, and which has been translated by the great astrologer, Nicholas Campion, as the King of Alarm Eclipse. Sounds about right to me considering the New Millenium's flavor so far--and is aka, the King of Terror Eclipse. And Wolfie was a driving force in the invasion of Iraq after all. But let us not forget 9/11...the pretext the scoundrels hid behind.--jc)
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