May 27, 2007

a cat from Iran

Sir Wyles in his royal Ruffery looks very peaceful and yet the fur's been flying everywhere this weekend over two new additions to Mr.A.Cat's previous one-verse cat from Iran limerick.

Against my better judgement--and knowing that my vote counts for zilch around here with Lim or with Mr.A. (whose limericks I've been hired to type), I publish the whole kit'n'kaboodle for your consideration--but ask that you don't say I didn't warn you:

There once was a cat from Iran
who got hot and turned on a fan
it wasn't enough
to cool off his fluff
so atoms were split in Tehran.

He worked long and hard on the splits
while George threw incompetent fits
though acting so proud
no weapons allowed
or sanctions will come in a blitz.

So who gave the arms race its start?
Who played the gargantuan part?
America's clout
could take the world out
but that wouldn't be very smart.


Another photo cred goes to Maya at Babyfied...thanks Maya--Wyles looks very grand!
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