May 13, 2007

Candidate Kitties on TV!

Lim has just received a communique from Mr.A.Cat who watched this morning's political programs on tv so I'm posting his catty views on the campaign yapping so early begun:

On tv a kitten McCain
still begs for more war once again
he drones the Bush line
but People decline
their upbeat mirage gone insane.

Change channels the cat Guiliani
has mayored your dog and your granny
yet White House designs
are showing us signs
he's blank on Iraq and Irani.

And then there's the singing cat Mitt
whose millions are such a big hit
with past rather dim
his chances look grim
perhaps he should up and just quit.

Then marvel at kitten from Hagel
who licks the cream cheese from his bagel
but he's here to say
that his resume
is great for a White House finagle.

Then you see the kitten Baracko
who's not from a place like Morocco
modernity's child
he speaks calm and mild
and not like a hawk or a jocko.

Still Hillary cat slinks about
she can't let her Billy Boy out
but Mr.A. thinks
her can o'worms stinks
including her dynasty's clout.


Whew! Mr.A. is on their campaign already so we'll probably suffer more ill-tempered verses sooner than we deserve as things heat up!

-Jude I'm-only-the-typist-around-here Cowell
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