April 29, 2007

Wigging Out in Washington!

Rrraowwrrr-r-r-r! We've had a major cat fight here today concerning the posting of this candid photo which Mr.A.Cat sent Lim late last evening. I have no doubt that there's a lot of wigging out being done in Washington (that's a given considering the bubble they inhabit and the misery they've caused) but is this frightfulness necessary, Mr.A.?

Here's the only reply I've received as of this hour:

A Leo who's fond of group think
is wigging far out dressed in pink
his will is of steel
and tends to reveal
he thinks that his poo doesn't stink.


Well...a cat should know poo!

But my other questions are these: is Mr.A. referring to George Bush's natal Ascendant, the point in a natal chart representing the person himself--and in Bush's case, the Sabian Symbol's 'word picture' for his natal Ascendant by extension?

See what you think, cats'n'kitties:

Bush's natal ASC, "8 Leo": "A bolshevik propagandist"... well, Bush did say early on that his job as president is to "catapult the propaganda" so...does Mr.A's bit o'froth refer to Bush as a commie pinko, a label which jingoists sometimes spout at those who won't dance to their war drums for obscene profiteering?

That's just crazy, Mr.A...Bush is a superb war profiteer ad nauseum!

And isn't Marie Antoinette missing her wig?

Reminds me of the gray-whiskered old joke: have you got bills to pay? Then give it back--his head is cold. -jc
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