April 3, 2007

kittens of peace go to Syria

Early this morning Mr.A.Cat phoned in this rhyme about a certain delegation now visiting the Middle East and meeting with presidents all about the place. You may feel differently about their mission of peace (as it seems to be known) but as usual, Mr.A. has pithy feline feelings fluffed with sass:

When kittens of peace go to Syria
they plop in the midst of hysteria
and speak to both sides
the White House derides
as Cheney and Bush show their fear o'ya.

Don't mess with our daft foreign policy
we like wars that help our economy
get back to the House
and squeek like a mouse
forget without us that you're number three.


The White House isn't barking about the Republicans--Wolf, Pitts, and Aderholt--meeting with President Assad in Damascus on Sunday (slipping in before Pelosi)--only about the Dem delegation. Hmm-m-m-m...

Pelosi Dismisses Criticism of Syria Trip
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