April 15, 2007

A kitten's head lays heavy now

It had to happen some time or another--that my own verses are composed and squiggling to get onto this blog. May Mr.A.Cat pardon my Leonine attitude to my own creativity's brash promotion...and I will guard against it in future:

A kitten's head lays heavy now
on power's pillow's silk

his worldly bros-in-arms will cringe
revealed to be his ilk.

The tower clock begins to chime
the people into streets

of unwashed masses all for one
usurping the elites.

Demand your rights good treatment all
with fairness in the land

egalitary civil justice
words by which we stand.

Lord Devlin drew the lamplight near
to compliment our courts

with trial by jury free for all
it's what we have of sorts.

For Liberty is drabbly clothed
ashambled in her pose

Her basic structures undermined
an East wind surely blows.

-jude cowell (for Lady Liberty and Her Torch) (c)April 15, 2007
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