April 22, 2007

GOP kitten snarls for new candidate

Well, this must be a GOP kitten--look at that snarl just thinking that the 2008 election field is closed with only Romney, Guiliani, and McCain for their consideration! But every political cat'n'kitty knows it's early days yet!

So who's the progressive-thinking, articulate, hero-lovin' Republican who has the drive and full-on personality to win the presidency in '08...in spite of his romantic ways?

Mr.A.Cat phoned in his best answer this morning:

There once was a kitten from Bute
who thought Dickie Cheney was cute
but skull'n'bones said
the US is dead
now bring us a fresh eye of Newt.


For some natal chart details on Mr. G, find your way to Stars Over Washington but I'll warn you--Mr. G's exact birth time is unverified--yet with the Moon in Sagittarius during the whole 24-hour period (June 17, 1943), his Sun Gemini/Moon Sag blend is still quite revealing...see if you agree.

Mr.A.Cat recommends it meowfully!


Bad Kitty Cats & Megan said...

Hahaha... Cute Kitten. Nice Limericks Mr.A.Cat

Sorry we have not been by as often - we have been missing you all greatly! Kittens and Injuries keep us on our tails. Sending much love...

jude cowell said...

Hi Meagan! Lim asked about you and the Bad Kitty Cats just the other day and is very glad to hear from you!

Hope the kitties are well-snuggled and that all is on the mend at your cattery.

Have a great week,

Jude & Lim

(Mr.A. is off on a foreign mission of some sort...Libby's on the deck sunning herself and sends a Meow to you & your crew!)