April 14, 2007

a crusty old kitten from Imus

Since my vote counts for squat around here these verses have been muscled into this blog by some very determined cats who wish they could type but are missing one key ingredient: they have no hands.

Here you see Sir Wiley stretched out and totally fatigued with the kerfluffle of the morning so I'll just hush and type the verses and plop them onto this blog without furrther ado:

A crusty old kitten from Imus
was spitty because of his thymus
his luck ran right out
the venonous spout
no matter his meterus rhymus.

They cancelled his program tres soon
to Proctor and Gamble the moon
apologies gave
with no job to save
he's singin' a different tune.

Advisers said Imus lay low
it worked for Ken Lay doncha know
the public forgets
blacks, Jews, gays, and vets
are prey to the Imus d'ho.

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