April 30, 2007

brave kitten Petraeus

The fur is flying in great fluffy tuffs today as I fight against posting this astringent limerick...but if I want my Baked Trout for din din, I must comply with Mr.A.Cat's request as high-handedly passed on to me bwo world-renowned Chef Lim:

There fights a brave kitten Petraeus
we know he would never betray us
so who threatens harm?
the King of Alarm
with fondness for touting who'll slay us.

They'll follow us home if we leave
accept what he says to believe
don't question his cred
or parse what he said
with Rove's bag o'tricks up his sleeve.


note: I believe Mr.A. refers to the August 11, 1999 "King of Terror" eclipse which Nostradamus predicted centuries ago as the start of a bunch of troubles for the New Millenium, and which expert astrologer Nicholas Campion says would be more correctly translated as "King of Alarm."

Transit Saturn's recent station direct occurred upon the Eclipse degree (18Leo27.)

Using the transit--for Saturn is this week still triggering this degree--we see the following midpoint picture which you may recognize is affecting the general atmosphere quite obviously:

Sun/Moon = Saturn: difficult concerns in relationship; possible separation or inhibitions; addressing problems; weakened system.

Paul Wolfowitz addressed concerns with his World Bank colleagues today as he defended himself against charges of conflict of interest--relating to his girlfriend's good fortune which he autocratically increased by leaps and bounds.

And his cohorts are charging a sort of weakening of the system in the ethics department for the exalted World Bank's fight against poverty (have they won yet?)

Then on Capitol Hill the "Dems vs Bush" matinee continues to keep some people riveted with its back'n'forth performances for the gullible.

This kind of political much-ado always makes me wonder what's really going on behind the scenes: keeping the unwashed masses preoccupied with hoo-ha and ballyhoo, are we? Perhaps it's only a mock-fur-flying snit superbly played!

The Unconscious Point, or Point of Illumination, which is opposite any degree you'd care to name, would be "18 Aquarius"...word picture (Sabian Symbol): "A man unmasked."

We're having lots of them of late, aren't we? And there're more to come! Let the performance proceed.
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