April 19, 2007

Brash Kitten from Nelm

Mr.A.Cat has been burning up the phone lines this morning with this jabby little limerick...it's on the pithy side, so beware:

There was a brash kitten from Nelm
who thought he could steer any helm
a lover of gold
he does what he's told
while Poppy rules over the realm.

A cousin of Great Britain's royals
he really hates sharing the spoils
King George he would be
but his legacy
is hogging up gases and oils.

Our water's not safe from his claw
one day you'll believe what you saw
don't bore him with writs
he'll have hissy fits
if he has to follow the law.

Then who will we blame for our fall
the cats at the Goose-Steppers' Ball?
they beat the war drum
until Kingdom Come
with jingoist fervor and gall.

~The taxpayers pay for it all
A sergeant-at-arms comes to call
from President AWOL so small
Never trust a man who says trust me Y'all.~


(Hmph! Didn't know Mr.A. has a Southern accent...jc)
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