April 8, 2007

Beware: kitten in a Speedo

Kitten in Speedo, pen in paw at the ready--yet looking a mite stressed as if it's all too much.

It is the humble opinion of this typist that Easter is The Holiday which aces all other holidays bar none. And so I've been taking lovely breaks with family and friends the last few days--leaving Lim and Mr.A.Cat all ascatter.

Today, inconvenient as it may be to my kith and kin, Lim has taken note of a midnight voice mail left by the mysterious Mr.A.Cat containing the foregoing limerick chocked full of a former spycat's observations on and from the Capital.

Although his whereabouts are never certain, Mr.A.Cat's love of his nation shines through these dissenting and often naughty-haughty verses of pith and sass...verses which always rhyme no matter whom it hurts, and which initially are known to be culled from 3 mail bags plopped upon my doorstep some months ago. Voice mails and phone messages--even emails--continue to arrive when it suits Mr.A.to scratch a line or two in purrful protest.

And no, I do not know what the 'A' stands for--thanks for asking!

As you may know, Mr.A.Cat is most elusive and has never shown himself to me in any way, shape, or form...unless...the cat in the plumed velvet hat at the embassy reception I attended in 1971 was Mr.A appearing in his fanciest bandit costume.

Was it he?

If so, he was posing as a messenger from Madrid sent to deliver what turned out to be a rhymed decree of some merit. Whether the decree changed the course of events is for historians to interpret for Mr.A.Cat makes no claims and thus remains unencumbered by the claims of others.

Yet the very rhyminess of the decree (in addition to surfaced reports from eye witnesses of the day) point a tufty paw in Mr.A.Cat's direction. (No, you didn't hear it from me.)

Lim resides here as my sou chef and then some, for Lim is premiere feline ichthys chef of the century--which should surprise you not, lone reader, when you consider how many cats of the feline persuasion you know who can flip crepes in the pan while simultaneously baking a batch of award-winning Pearl Biscuits with Butter Gravy.

Sadly, the safety of exotic fishy fare is now suspect thanks to global warming's monkeying with tropical fish and coral reefs thus lowering the safety level of eating delicious undersea edibles and delectibilities.

So perhaps you'd like to say hello or good bye to a few as-yet hearty Dreamyfish --dreamy denizens of Western Australian who are most highly recommended to you by Chef Lim himself (this is not a paid announcement.)

And now without further fluff or fuzz, here is the midnight limerick of Mr.A.Cat:

A kitten is wearing a Speedo
so quick with a pen for his veto
just leggo my power
I'm not Eisenhower
the Pentagon strikes me as neato.

Don't worry your heads what I do
a digital tv for you
entranced and involved
with no problems solved
while I toot my bully kazoo.

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