March 8, 2007

When Leos Fly South for the Week

Today Lim is purring over a blog he's discovered to have LIVE! Kitty Cams at Lisa Violet's Diary where Lim vows never to miss luscious Tummy Tuesdays ever again.

Perhaps Lim qualifies as one of those Bad Kitty Cats too! Ya think?

Meanwhile, Mr.A.Cat has phoned in a new lim (as threatened) which I post here as per Mr.A's request--in honor of the President's journey to South America this week with $millions$ in US taxpayers' dough in tow and trade deals on his pretty mind:

When Leos fly South for the week
with Latino noses to tweak
they take big fat checks
to hang 'round their necks
and pray that some poll numbers peak.

Yet projects back home have to suffer
while Georgie goes playing the fluffer
with trade deal or three
and touts on tv
our middle class lives get much tougher.


(Typist's Note: yeah thanks, George, for letting down the Katrina and Rita folks as you continue selling out US workers with your outsourcing madness. -jc)
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