March 31, 2007

Spycats Must Hide

Here at Lim's Limericks, Chef Lim himself sometimes takes up the pen and scratches a rhyme or two when he's not baking up delicious fish dishes in the kitchen. Trouble is, he only writes in sand, so I have to catch it quick and type it fast!

And yes, he still chefs around here although I've not mentioned his expertise of late but you can still see some of his favorite fishies at Dreamyfish Art if you wish to see a fish sans dish.

As Sir Wiley (shown here in his rigorous training days) poops out, you may appreciate this lim from Lim himself concerning the honorable work of devoted cats everywhere:

When spycats must hide in plain sight
they study and practice all night
to get up the nerve
their nations to serve
with catnaps to bolster their might.

A photo of Sir Wiley shows
what every good citizen knows
that kittens have charm
designed to disarm
with dagger or mission or pose!


Purrfect, Lim, thanks! -jc

UPDATE: Lim now informs me that Mr.A.Cat is on the line and is dictating an FDA lim which I will soon post in honor of the sad pet food disaster now going on in be cont'd....
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