March 28, 2007

on The Button

Princess Grace (pictured here in her spy-training days), Lim, and Mr.A.Cat have been discussing the lastest episode of TV's 24 where a presidential *usurper is simply itching to press The Button on imagined foes.

Why? Out of "fear," says another of the show's characters.

It's true...Testy Testosterone may ruin the world and the blowback will maim for generations. "Criminal minds are weak minds," meows Mr.A.Cat remindingly with his usual kitty wisdom. Are you ready now for Mr.A's latest rhyme in which he abandons his favorite limerick meter--and expresses his own deep fears?

Twitchy finger on The Button
rest of us will be as mutton
if you lose control your nerve
gives us what we don't deserve.

You're a freak I do declare though
hoof and horn sprout from your torso
BP Exxon Shell and Mobil
pop your cork we'll go Chernobyl.


*some people will do anything to coup the White House.
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