March 31, 2007

now it's Dry cat food being recalled

Recall Expanded to Some Dry Cat Food makes you wonder if any kitties are safe--and if the FDA, our "watchdog" for food safety, is doing its job.

The FDA now says it "may change how it regulates the pet food industry." This is regulating?

Professor Tony Buffington of Veterinary Clinical Sciences at Ohio State University says, "When you change from getting an ingredient from a supplier down the road to a supplier from around the globe, maybe the methods and practices that were effective in one situation need to be changed."

Buffington also suggests that the international outsourcing of ingredients would force the US to "come to grips with a reality we had not appreciated."

If our much-loved Topaz, pictured here, were still with us, he'd agree...globalism kills cats. And dogs aren't safe either.

Many people have already appreciated the expanded ills which outsourcing creates--lost jobs, ruined finances, poor service, shoddy workmanship, undermined nation--and now it's our beloved pets paying the price as well.

Yet the FDA just can't understand how an ingredient used to make plastics could cause health of FDA's many Duh Moments of late. Note to FDA: Toxins in plastics cause cancer and other health miseries.

Guess the RubberMaid/Tupperware lobby must pay dearly to keep that nugget under vacuum seal. Will dying cats and dogs pop the lid off? Doubtful. Globalism is a high-speeding train not to be derailed by mere mortals of the unwashed masses brigade.

Meanwhile today at Camp David, Pres Bush is hosting Pres da Silva to (as advertised) "discuss how to promote international trade talks," and the much ballyhooed ethanol (from NPR this morning.)

But at least we may assume that Barney is safe eating pate and worries for the White House dog-- it's only the best for the pooch and his globalism-promoting master!

Perhaps Mr.A.Cat will write a rhyme about the FDA--not sure, for he has yet to phone Lim today. We'll see...meanwhile, the recall as of yet is for:

Hill's Prescription Diet m/d Feline Dry Cat Food and we here at Lim's dearly hope this is a forewarning...Be Safe, all you Cats'n'Kitties!

Photo Credit of Topaz's lovely visage goes to Maya at Babyfied! for her excellent camera work and her enduring love of all kittycats.
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