March 13, 2007

a kitten to old Mexico

This image isn't the touring kitten chowin' down on good-eatin' way down yonder in Mexico, but it details for you how hard spying, snooping kittens must work to learn their Spy Craft...Topaz shows Wiley the ropes on how to bug a desk in an undetectable fashion. It takes tremendous concentration as you can see.

Yes, it helps to learn from the very best.

Speaking of the best, Topaz's old friend and mentor, Mr.A.Cat, has a new and groanworthy lim for your perusal--for Bush will be draggin' his hungry patootie back to these shores any minute now...all mice report for duty--the cat comes back.

A kitten to old Mexico
went lookin' for favors y'know
illusions of state
tatooed on his pate
the Big L was starting to show.

While scandals debuted DC town
political capital down
the president kitty
hot child in the city
went jetting around like a clown.

Yet soon he'll sneak back to the States
in air twirling breakable plates
expensive tortillas
with see-yas not be-yas
he moons as he's tempting the fates.

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