March 19, 2007

Kitten in the Roosevelt Room!!

In honor (?) of Bush's short speech this morning from the Roosevelt Room of the White House, Mr.A.Cat has phoned in a request for a posting of his usual sassiness:

A kitten was telling the news
the Roosevelt Room he did choose
he'll stay in Iraq
don't bore him with flak
his arguments you can't refuse.

With rationale changing at will
to be rubberstamped on the Hill
the Dems are as bad
methinks we've been had
while *Blackwater sends us the bill.


(Nice snarl, Mr.A! In his speech, Bush asked for "more time", attempted once again to connect the war in Iraq with the attacks of 9/11, and conjured up what would happen to the region if the US left Iraq. He didn't mention that his misdirected energy and poorly-handled misadventures in Iraq have set up those regional possibilities. He also neglected to mention--or to notice--that THERE IS NO TIME that our boots will EVER sit well upon their sand.--jc)

HEADS-UP: *Blackwater is a new book by Jeremy Scahill (sp?) who was interviewed on NPR's Fresh Air today. If you missed the interview, it's a good 'un for understanding what's really going on in the Bush-Cheney-Rumsfeld outsourced-by-mercenaries war in Iraq (and elsewhere) by the used-to-be USA...or at least, on "our" behalf and in our name. We called her, America.

LATE NIGHT UPDATE: Tavis Smiley this evening had as guest film director Robert Greenwald who gave Shout-Out to a website where you can catch up on the personal sacrifices being made in our names--the ones the Bush administration and the neocon-leaning media don't want you to view.

It's the Iraq Veterans' Memorial so give the chickenhawk neocon jingoists a pass and check it out.

And you can add your own veteran's video if you have one, Lim says, and it's Mr.A.Cat-approved...guaranteed.
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