February 5, 2007

naughty old kitten from Maine

This messenger was on my doorstep this morning with a Special Delivery from Mr.A.Cat...so I'm passing it on to you as per Mr.A.Cat's request>
That naughty old kitten from Maine
said All Aboard don't miss the train
attend your cotillions
while I demand trillions
with war as my only refrain.

I'll balance the budget one day
or else all your grandkids can pay
America's bust
but I ask for trust
while frittering Fort Knox away.

You didn't want food for your old
when Baghdad needs all of our gold
who needs Medicaid
if Maliki's paid
we're bankrupt when all has been told.

But kittens from Maine have their pride
especially when others have died
not knowing to stop
it's billions a pop
to pay all the pipers who pied.

(sorry about the text line-up--couldn't get Blogger to do any better today!--jc, your typist)
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