February 22, 2007

a kitten named Rice

Well, Lim and I have been vacationing in historic Raleigh, NC, the City of Oaks, and lounging about some really cozy digs at the Velvet Cloak Inn which you may wish to view here...but now Mr.A.Cat is clamoring for a post of his newest sass, as titled above:

There scuttles a kitten named Rice
who's rolling diplomacy's dice
but coach seats will mush ya
when flying to Russia
so having your own plane is nice.

For shuttle diplomacy's sake
she brings them a pie or a cake
they promise her oil
or Georgie will boil
she'd better not make a mistake.

When mock wars and dictators rule
society's playing the fool
but Condi flies on
from dusk until dawn
to act as a globalist tool.

You see her as eastward she'll fly
a big dirty bird in the sky
just don't steal her thunder
or stand somewhere under
you'll get a fat splat in the eye.


(Note from your typist: Lim and I saw the film, Breach, while in Raleigh and we both heartily reccommend this true-life yarn about double-agent Robert Hannsen if you want to see some excellent acting and a suspense-filled look behind the scenes of the US government...perfect for Mr.A.Cat's interests.--jc)
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