January 7, 2007

young kitten from Gloucester

Hearty thanks to all who emailed support and kind words for the return of Alberto the Mad Catter.

Happily I report today that Alberto was returned in the middle of the night somewhat the worse for wear, whiskers chewed down a bit, yet stoic in his determination to sleep for a couple of days!

Then he must be de-briefed for a day or so, and details of his harrowing misadventure may be revealed--if clearance is permitted. The miscreants are now being interrogated in an undisclosed location.

Meanwhile, Mr.A.Cat has phoned in a couple of verses concerning Washington's current melee since the Nov elections...and which you may wish to skip, if I were you:

There was a young kitten from Gloucester
who watched the Republicans' ouster
it won't help a lot
with Bush's gimp shot
for more US troops he will rouster.

The Public says, Don't Escalate!
our fortunes this won't elevate
McKinley and Taft
weren't nearly so daft
with Bush it's impasse and stalemate.


Well, the typist shouldn't promote the content, I guess, but it must be admitted--this is good stuff, Mr.A.Cat! -jc

Don't Neglect Mad Kane's take on Bush's upcoming 'surge speech' next week...she pre-mocks from experience at Mad Kane's Political Madness: Surge Speech Preview!

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