January 24, 2007

touting his SOTU

Lim has been gone for two weeks again--no idea what his mission might be, but he has called in 3 snide verses written by Mr.A. Cat in honor of Bush's State of the Union address last evening:

A feline was touting his SOTU
he has more speechwriters than you do
he got on tv
and what did you see?
a mojo still using the voo doo.

Community projects to start
the ones that are close to your heart
but counting on him
makes prospects quite dim
such gullible faith isn't smart.

With mask of a Christian now slipped
his claw in your pocket has dipped
while bombing the East
his bile was released
this flop of a prez has now flipped.


(whew! I heard though that Bush wrote his speech his own very self!--jc)
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