January 13, 2007

mad kitten from Surge

This Special Delivery lim was dropped on my doorstep a while ago and is available for your consideration:

Avoid the mad kitten from Surge
who bombs when he's feelin' the urge
opinions you got?
he cares not a jot
that's where he and I must diverge.

He lathers himself every night
that damn spot is more than a plight
with soap and detergent
he'll be an insurgent
and waste all our millions and might.

The Senate and Congress now reek
from kissing the buns of a freak
our halluci-nation
is leaving the station
recruiters will call you next week.



As Bush Ignores Everyone's Best Advice on his 'surge' plans, it's no wonder Mr.A.Cat is upset...and it's not as if the US has the billions for military expansion--Bush has pretty well squandered the coffers already! Mr.A.Cat recommends you change your number or toss your cell phone in the harbour...then tell Bush to go fish, since he likes fishing so much. -jc, your typist

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